Environment And Safety

Cotto d’Este considers environmental impact and health and safety at work to be of fundamental importance. Its policy in this regard is therefore based on the following activities:

  • Safeguarding the integrity of the environment surrounding the production facilities and the integrity of the environment within the production facilities and protecting the environment as a whole;
  • Ensuring constant compliance with current environmental and safety legislation through continuous and stiff controls;
  • Managing, preserving and where possible decreasing the use of natural resources;
  • Pursuing the objectives of continuous improvement in terms of environmental performance to minimise the production of polluting substances and consumption of resources;
  • Maintaining constant information and collaboration with the population and with the public bodies regarding the policy adopted for environment protection and the measures taken to ensure constant respect for the environment.

In order to achieve the preset objectives, Cotto d’Este is constantly engaged in:

  • Devising and using systems equipped with the latest technologies in terms of environmental protection;
  • Running periodical and systematic controls of all systems, adopting suitable safeguards;
  • Constantly monitoring noise levels inside production facilities;
  • Managing in a controlled manner the recycling, reuse and disposal of refuse produced;
  • Preventing and reducing environmental accidents and accidents in the workplace;
  • Preparing, promulgating and updating company procedures relating to the management of productive and purifying systems in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions;
  • Providing education and training for staff, especially new employees, in environmental matters and the prevention of safety risks;
  • Keeping customers, contractors and suppliers of goods and services informed at all times of the principles adopted by the company to protect the environment;
  • Regularly reviewing the tasks performed through environmental audits in order to achieve a continuous improvement.

In order to maintain and improve the results obtained in these areas, the participation and commitment of all Company staff is required. Individual safety in terms of safety at work and respect for the environment must be ensured through the commitment of all parties and must constitute a moral responsibility to the external community and towards those who work in the company. Everyone must realise that the protection of the environment and health and safety at work are essential and integral parts of their jobs
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