Company system certification

Company System Certification


Panariagroup began the procedure for obtaining the quality and environmental certification for its production facilities in 2002.

In 2003, after extensive internal reorganisation and formalisation of the products, this important goal has been achieved for the facilities of Finale Emilia and Toano, and in 2005 for the production facility of Fiorano Modenese.

Currently the Panariagroup facilities in which Cotto d’Este materials are produced are ISO 9001 CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY and ISO 14001 CERTIFIED FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

For all production facilities, we have attained the level of environmental excellence by means of the EMAS REGISTRATION (certification recognised throughout Europe).

From the Cotto d'Este web site, you can download the ENVIRONMENTAL DECLARATIONS of the production facilities, which are documents that explain all information relating to concern for the environment and safety at work.

Production facilities are regularly inspected by an external certifying body and are run with the aim of obtaining the maximum product quality with the maximum concern for the environment.


In July 2006, the certification procedure of the Group has been completed with the attainment of the ISO 9001 QUALITY CERTIFICATION also for Cotto d’Este and therefore the entire commercial and administrative organisation as well as for the supply of products and services to Customers.

Procedures have been implemented to improve company management and customer satisfaction, as well as periodic inspections by the external certifying body.
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